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Cosmo Dental Centre is a dedicated family dental office / clinic for all your Dentist needs in London Ontario, Canada. Our dental office main function is to diagnose dental problems, treat and teach how to maintain your oral health. 

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What constitutes a great dental clinic? One that becomes the only clinic or dental office that you walk into for any appointment you will be going through your entire life. Cosmo Dental Centre is a family dental clinic that aims to diagnose and treat whatever dental problems you or your family needs.

Choosing us as the clinic to go to will greatly help you as our team can diagnose and treat your teeth and teach you all the necessary steps that you need to take to make sure that your gums and teeth will stay healthy. We have all the necessary facilities to handle any concerns. From root canal, dental crown services to invisalign, and even from the regular cleaning services, we have it all. The diversity of our services plus the hi-tech facilities that we have makes us one of the best in London Ontario and even all over Canada.

For anyone needing orthodontic services to ensure proper alignment of the teeth, we offer invisalign services which uses invisible braces to align the teeth. Maintenance and proper care is also offered just by visiting our dental clinic anytime! We provide all services from tooth extraction, to fillings, to even creating dentures for you!

Set your appointments now! Whether if it’s a root canal that you need or any oral surgery, our dental office is the place to go to. Dial (519) 659-2767 for any more inquiries or you may visit us at 373 Clarke Road, London, Ontario, N5W 5G4 for a personal visit. Check out our facilities and know why we are a top tier dentist service provider in Canada.


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