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Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Examine Dental Health 

Cosmo Dental Centre has a team of skilled and experienced dental health professionals who can perform digital dental X-rays safely. A digital dental X-ray helps in the examination and detection of possible dental problems at an early stage before they become serious and allows for a more effective treatment planning. If you are wondering: Is dental X-ray necessary?

Let us take a closer look to learn more about digital dental X-rays, its importance, and how they can address dental problems.

What Is 3D Dental X-Ray?

There are different types of dental X-rays including panoramic (2D) X-rays and 3D X-rays. Cosmo Dental Centre uses a 3D X-ray, a state-of-the-art technology that uses a blast of electromagnetic radiation and electronic sensor designed to capture and store digital images on a computer system.

What does a dental X-ray show?

The dental films from our 3D dental X-rays are way better than conventional dental films. We use various software designed to improve images, such as visualizing the root canal more clearly. They are powerful, diagnostic dental tools that provide valuable information that is not immediately detected during a regular dental checkup. When a dental X-ray detects a cavity, it enables your dentist to instantly view and enlarge the image for a better assessment.

They may reveal hidden dental problems, including:

  • Abscess or cysts
  • Bone loss
  • Tumours (cancerous or noncancerous)
  • Tooth decay
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Incorrect position of tooth and root
  • Problems inside your tooth or areas below your gum line

Dental X-Ray Safety

The use of dental x-ray equipment is regulated by a set of safety codes developed by prepared by the Radiation Protection Bureau so your safety is guaranteed.

Are dental X-rays dangerous or harmful?

Compared to traditional dental X-rays, 3D dental X-rays produce a lower radiation level. Not only are they safer, but it is also faster and more comfortable to take. It is also environmentally-friendly as it does not utilize chemicals, especially silver halide to enhance the image of the film.

How many dental X-rays are too many in a year?

The need for dental X-rays often depends on the individual dental health needs of a patient. The dental professional will look into your medical and dental history, age, symptoms, and risk.

Can I get a dental X-ray while pregnant?

Yes. It’s safe for expectant mothers to get one.

Can babies get dental X-rays?

A baby in the teething stage may not be able to get an X-ray, but children around the age of two or three can.

Cost of Dental X-Rays

At Cosmo Dental Centre, patients can expect quality care using the state-of-the-art technologies. We provide quality dental care at an affordable price. To provide quality dental service, we try to make everything more budget-friendly than other practices in London. Talk to us, and we will work with your financial situation.

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