Things to Know About Aging and Dental Issues

Aging and Dental Health


As we grow older, we often begin to notice more dental issues cropping up. This increase in dental problems affects virtually everyone as they age. A whole host of ailments become more prevalent as we get older, and it is important to seek professional treatment to correct them. Some of the issues are mild and can be treated with a simple, routine trip to the dentist. Others that occur can require extensive treatment and cosmetic procedures to restore your smile to its previous appearance.

Common Oral Health Problems

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One of the common issues as we age is gum disease. Gum disease can cause both bone and tooth loss. The bone can’t be replaced, but the process of bone loss can be arrested initially by deep cleanings followed by regular treatments tailored to fit your individual needs. Another common issue is cavities. You may suddenly develop cavities even if they have never before been a problem for you. There are several causes of cavity development, including a decrease in saliva which leads to dry mouth.

Old fillings, many of which will be the metal ones, eventually need to be replaced. Otherwise, they can further damage the tooth and result in possible tooth loss. Small issues such as yellowing of the teeth and tartar buildup should be addressed to help you keep your smile healthy and looking great so that you can smile with confidence. When problems are more serious such as advanced periodontal disease with extensive bone loss or oral cancer, specialist professional treatment may be required to treat the disease and then correct cosmetic issues.

Where to Turn for Your Dental Needs

Things to Know About Aging and Dental Issues

When you decide to address the previously mentioned issues, you will want to find a dental practice that can handle your individual needs as you age. You should choose a practice that offers all of the treatments you may need as you get older. Select an established dental clinic that has a history of satisfied patients. In London, Ontario, call Cosmo Dental Centre. We offer a full range of services to fit your needs. Call today to set up a consultation with a highly experienced dentist who can recommend a treatment plan to correct your issues. Don’t leave your oral health to chance.

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