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This is a family dental clinic and as such it is not restricted to any defined group or type of dental services. We would like to function as the primary source of dental care for all members of a family beginning at or around the age of two.

We will place a great deal of emphasis on preventive dental services in an effort to preserve the dentition and prevent or delay the initiation of new episodes of dental disease. If there are therapeutic or treatment services required that we feel are best handled by a specialist we will not hesitate to make a referral, but it is done with the understanding that you return to our office for your continuing dental care.

The fees charged by this office are consistent with those set by the current Ontario Dental Association fee guide. We would appreciate prompt payment of accounts and we urge you to discuss with us privately any questions or concerns you may have regarding our fees. If you have dental insurance, we will assist you with the claims forms. However, please understand that you are responsible for payment of fees to Cosmo Dental Centre.

The first appointment is always reserved for comprehensive oral examination and diagnostic records necessary to determine proper course of treatment for each individual. In the event of an emergency, an examination will be performed to diagnose your acute problem. Our aim will be to get you out of pain and restore your sense of well being. This in no way replaces a comprehensive examination as described above. On the second appointment, you will be presented with our findings as well as a proposed treatment plan and cost estimate, at that time we will discuss your dental condition and explain our recommendations.

Once your initial treatment is completed, you will be placed on a recare list. When it is time for your recare appointment, you will be telephoned and an appointment will be confirmed. These recare appointments will allow us to maintain your good state of dental health and intercept developing problems early, before they require a great deal of time and expense.

Our responsibility will be to diagnose your dental problems, treat these problems in a reasonable amount of time, and teach you how to maintain your oral health. However, we must rely on you to conscientiously apply at home what we teach you in the office.

From time to time the office may be closed so that the team can participate in continuing dental education courses. The patients are direct beneficiaries as we impliment – the finest diagnostic, therapeutic, restorative, and preventive care possible.

All minors should be accompanied by an adult to avoid misunderstanding and to give consent for treatment (unless prior arrangements have been made). These would include young adults and teenagers who are financially dependant on their parents / guardians.

Please be prompt with your appointment. A minimum 24 hrs. notice is required to change an appointment or there will be a charge.

Fees for the appointment are payable at the conclusion of every visit.

At Cosmo Dental Centre we are at your service. We strive to make your visit as comfortable as possible. If you have any comments please le us know. We are always happy to hear from our patients.

Thank you for visiting our office.

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