Best Reasons Why You Need a Dental Bridge

Best Reasons Why You Need a Dental Bridge

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Having a missing tooth might become a problem, which is why your chosen dentist probably will suggest some options if warranted. Getting a dental bridge is one option. This option is actually quite popular for replacement of missing teeth. One excellent benefit of dental bridges is having the ability to chew your food normally, as if you do not have any missing tooth. This option also helps you avoid having jaw problems.

Though other options include dental implants and dentures, dental bridges are more preferred than the aforementioned ones due to these simple reasons:

1)      A dental bridge, when placed inside your mouth, is already a permanent fixture. It therefore works like the original missing tooth. They are unlike the removable prosthesis, such as dentures, which may pose aspiration and gum irritation problems.  In the highly unlikely event that the bridge does become loose, it can be re-cemented as long as the teeth are in good health.

2)      The bridge is permanently cemented in the mouth.  It looks like the original and natural tooth. The bridge will not fall out during talking, laughing or chewing food.  Loose or falling teeth is a great a source of embarrassment for denture patients and it is one of the main reasons why dentures are not preferred by patients.

3)    It may costs less, especially when dental bridge is compared to having a dental implant. There is no doubt that having an implant is the ideal option in fixing gaps due to missing teeth, but sometimes it can be a lengthy procedure and  more costly. Having a bridge, on the other hand can be priced just right, making it a very viable and available option for many people

4)     Bridge is a great choice of treatment if teeth adjacent to the missing space need a crown anyway.

In this case, attaching a replacement tooth to two new crowns is very little extra cost compared to crowns only.

5)     Bridge is a great choice if the missing space has inadequate bone for a dental implant and a bone graft is not an option.

There is also the option of leaving the gap without having a dental implant, or a bridge, or a denture. But this option can leave you with unsightly side effects. Leaving a gap untreated causes the neighboring teeth to move towards the gap, making these, moved teeth, loose in their own natural sockets. This then leads to possible future tooth loss since gaps in between your teeth is a possible area where food will easily get stuck and may cause cavities and/or gum problems. On the physical side, a missing tooth will make you look older since the gap will make your cheeks have a shrunken kind of look.

If you require a tooth replacement, seek advice from your dentist, and let them check out your condition.  Your dentist will assess and advise you if you are a good candidate for a denture, crown, bridge or implant or a combination of more than one type of treatment.

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