What Can Smoking Do to Your Oral Health?

What Can Smoking Do to Your Oral Health?

In this article, we will discuss the various effects of cigarette smoking to our health.

Cigarette smoking can pose harmful effects on every part of our body. Oral cavity is no exception. Oral health is very vulnerable when it comes to tobacco use. The teeth of the smokers can easily be distinguished because of the noticeable harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. However, aside from getting the teeth stained, there are other oral dangers that smoking can introduce.

1. Gum Disease. Tobacco greatly increases the susceptibility to gum disease. In addition, gum diseases tend to spread out in the mouth a lot faster in individuals who smoke. Tobacco smoking disturbs the blood flow in the gums and this in turn decreases the ability of the body to withstand effects of oral plaques. Untreated periodontal disease is relentless. It weakens and causes permanent changes in the gums as well as bone tissues that cover the teeth. People who smoke are more at risk to this form of damage. The destruction of periodontal tissues may also progress a lot faster in smokers and the results of the gum treatments are typically not as good in contrast to non-smokers. Gum deterioration could lead to tooth mobility and worse, loss of teeth.

2. Dental stains. Cigarette smoking will cause brown or black stains on the surfaces of the teeth. In addition, the teeth of the smokers will turn yellowish as time goes on. Fillings, false teeth, and caps can even be stained. This is certainly truer if the smokers have poor oral hygiene.

3. Oral cancer. Cigarette smoke gives off a wide range of harmful chemical substances in the mouth. These chemicals could cause the development of oral cancer. Medical specialists have found out that individuals who smoke are more at risk of developing oral cancer in contrast to people who have not smoked in their entire lives. Cigarette smoking together with alcohol abuse will upsurge the chances of getting oral cancers even more.

4. Halitosis. Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. Cigarette causes a type of bad breath that is due to external fumes from the smoke plus those fumes emanating from internal changes in the mouth chemistry caused by the smoke. Regardless, smoking fouls up the breath in a hurry.

5. Black hairy tongue. This is a condition whereby the surface of tongue becomes covered with hairy projections that are often colored black. This happens because the normal peeling of cells in the surface of the mouth becomes slow. Because of this, some cells tend to become longer and cause a hair-like appearance on the tongue’s surface. Smoking is associated with prevalence of this condition.

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