Common Causes of Bad Breath

You may have the most beautiful smile along with the perfect teeth. But if the breath that comes out together with that smile is a very bad one, do not be surprised if those near you will avoid any conversation. Yes, that is the effect of bad breath that some people even find it very revolting. To know why you may have bad breath, here are some causes which you may want to avoid or limit.

Food and Drinks

A major cause of bad breath is the food we take. There are a number of foods in which the smell lingers even hours after consuming them. Examples of these are onions, garlic, spicy foods, some types of cheese, so-called exotic spices, fish, and some beverages with high acid contents. Some of these foods may remain in the teeth, helping the growth of bacteria and we know that bacteria are responsible for bad breath.

Cigarette Smoking

You might be surprised that there are many people, especially the non-smokers, who are very sensitive to the smell of cigarette. They can easily sense cigarette smoke and most these people find that smell very offensive. The badbreath that may come out from smoking is due to the chemicals contained in cigarettes which remain in our mouths. Dental experts also say that smoking worsens conditions such as gum diseases and oral cancers which are also causes of bad breath.

Dentures and Braces

Dentures have been associated with bad breath and this is understandable since in most cases, there is always the presence of that unpleasant smell. However, dentists point out that it is not the dentures that cause the bad smell but it is the failure to regularly clean these dentures. This is because food and other substance that may remain in the dentures may cause bacteria and promote bad breath. Maintaining proper care of dentures will not result to any offensive smell.

Medical Conditions

There are so many medical conditions that may result to bad breath. Disorders such as sinus infections, sore throat, diabetes, and of course dental cavities have long been associated with causing bad breath. Another cause that may fall under this category is the condition characterized by a dry mouth. Without the saliva to clean and moisten the mouth, growth of bacteria is enhanced further increasing bad breath. Even some medications we take for medical problems may cause bad breath.

Poor Dental Habits

Perhaps the most important factor in bad breath would be the poor dental habits. If a person does not regularly brush his or her teeth, there will always be food stuck in the teeth and in the tongue which may result to badbreath. Poor oral care will also increase the risk of gum diseases which can only add to bad breath.

Things You Can Do

The one thing you can do now to control bad breath is to start good dental practices. Brushing the teeth, flossing, and even rinsing the mouth will be invaluable in fighting bad breath. Avoiding or limiting foods that cause bad breath will also be very helpful. Most of all, maintain your regular visits to the dentist. Your dentist may help identify the cause of your bad breath and may offer suggestions on how to combat the offensive smell coming from your mouth.

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