Crowns Are A Beautiful And Simple Option For Correcting Dental Problems

Crowns Are A Beautiful And Simple Option For Correcting Dental ProblemsOne of the most important steps in providing a quality dental service, that has people’s aesthetic needs and oral health in mind, is the determination of a course-of-action for their dental problems. In the past, relatively simple tooth problems were corrected with the most radical processes. Now there are many choices. Dental crowns are one dental treatment option that have a mass appeal for their effectiveness in restoring function to natural teeth.

What Are Dental Crowns?

In many cases, dental problems are only surface problems. Sometimes, a cavity can affect an entire tooth’s surface. This can leave the remaining enamel and chewing area of a tooth susceptible to bacterial infection and a lot of pain. Unfortunately, these surface problems are great enough to warrant major dental care. Replacement of decayed surfaces requires dental materials that can withstand tremendous biting forces.

In the past, removal of infected and compromised tooth was often the only answer. Doing this would leave an unsightly gap and the associated self-consciousness for the person living with the lost tooth. It is absolutely possible to save teeth that have large decay with the fabrication and placement of a crown over the broken down tooth.

Tooth crowns are a manmade replacement, for the surface of a natural tooth, which provide exceptionally durable chewing surface. Using extreme care, caution, and good local anaesthesia to prevent pain, dentists remove the decayed portion of a tooth, place anchor posts when necessary, and fill the tooth. Then selected areas of the tooth are reduced 1-2 mm to make room for the crown. A natural-looking crown fitted over the remaining tooth provides the final contours of a tooth. The process is as simple as a normal cavity filling or an extraction but can save a tooth when its position has an important place in an overall smile.

Crowns Are A Beautiful And Simple Option For Correcting Dental Problems

A Crown Should Look and Feel Exactly Like Your Own Tooth

It’s always hard to receive the bad news about how really bad is the state of your broken down tooth. For most people, the distress can be alleviated if there is the option of having the tooth saved. Saving a badly decayed tooth is a much more reasonable answer than a total extraction. Fixing a badly broken down tooth with a crown is a more viable option for most people because the procedure is straight forward and quick, and doesn’t require more than two visits. Temporary crowns can restore comfort immediately and are used if more than one visit is required. Some crowns can be made in one visit only. Crowns are efficient and beautiful replacements for teeth that are badly decayed but still have enough integrity to be saved.

Before any crown is made, molds are taken of a patient’s normal tooth structure. Correction to any deficiencies are designed on the molds. A properly designed crown will replace or enhance the natural look, size, contour, and bite pattern of the original tooth. Unlike dentures, bridges, and implants which replace teeth, crowns actually help and save your existing teeth. Though the tooth replacement dental appliances are wonderful, the crowns placed over a tooth, save a tooth and result in the most natural looking tooth.

Dental Crowns

Who Needs Tooth Crowns?

A Tooth decays because of many lifestyle and genetic factors. Some people have rapid tooth decay that is caused by factors that is not under their control. We at Cosmo Dental Centre, are sensitive to the conditions that cause tooth decay be it a result of lifestyle choices or other factors that make the patient susceptible to tooth decay. We understand that many patients, who have uncontrolled cavities, have a fear of being judged. Dental decay like all diseases is caused by many factors. Rest assured that our responsibility is to treat and not to judge. Along with treatment of decayed teeth, we will show you how to take care of your teeth to restore them to better health and to prevent recurrence of decay.

Daily habits like consumption of sugary foods and highly refined carbohydrates leads to tooth decay. This is widely known, but in spite of this knowledge, tooth decay still afflicts many people. Chronic sicknesses and habits can also create an environment that accelerates tooth decay. Smoking for example dries the teeth and makes the teeth more prone to cavities. In all of these cases, the damage caused by tooth decay isn’t always a reason to completely remove a tooth.

Properly crowned teeth preserve the remaining natural tooth and maintains the dental bite pattern. Crowns are always an option when tooth decay takes its toll on large part of the tooth or when a side or corner of the tooth is decayed or missing. Consult with a dental staff at Cosmo Dental Centre to find out the least invasive procedure possible for treatment of your decayed or damaged teeth. Simply call our office. Don’t let dental decay and pain continue any further to damage your precious teeth. We can help restore your smile.

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