Debunking the Myths about Cavities

Cavities have remained a major dental concern even with the advances in dental care knowledge and dental products. A lot of this has to do with the many misconceptions involving cavities. By learning the facts behind these myths, hopefully one can improve in the maintenance and care of the teeth.

Debunking the Myths about Cavities

Here are the more common myths about cavities:

It is Only Sugar That Causes Cavities

This is a very common misconception which may have started as kids when told by parents to stop eating sweet stuff since these may cause tooth cavities due to the high sugar content. While it may be true that it causes teeth damage, it is not really due to the sugar itself. It is actually the high acid content that triggers the presence of bacteria in the mouth that causes cavity. And acid may also be found in other types of foods such as rice, potatoes, breads, fruits, and vegetables, although at a lower content.

Sensitive Teeth is a Signal of Tooth Decay

Are you Grinding and Clenching your Teeth?

Although decayed teeth are very sensitive to food and drinks that are cold and sweet, a sensitive tooth does not necessarily mean there arecavities in your teeth. A tooth can be sensitive due to other reasons. This is the benefit of regular dental visits since your doctor may be able to determine the reason for the tooth sensitivity and may therefore address the problem accordingly.

Cavities Are More Common in Children Than Adult

A dental expert has stated that this may have been true years ago but not during these times. Largely due to awareness and educational campaigns in oral care and advances in dental products, prevalence of tooth decay in children has drastically reduced. It has been noted the tooth problems in adults, particularly in senior citizens, have been increasing mainly due to medications that are taken by these people. Most of these drugs may make the mouth dry thereby reducing saliva, a very important component in protecting the teeth.

One Always Becomes Aware of a Cavity

A lot of people only become aware of a tooth cavity when damage may have progressed. The pain and decay in the tooth may be a good indication. But by this time, damage to the tooth may have become extensive. In a lot of cases, cavity may have started without you being aware of it. Again, this is the importance of a regular dental visit since the onset of a cavity will be recognized at the earliest possible time, allowing the dentist to make the necessary treatment before it gets worse.

Infants Cannot Get Cavities

This is a misconception that has resulted to parents being complacent in the oral care of babies and children. This myth may have been based on the belief that babies are not exposed to harmful substances. But dental experts will point out that babies may develop cavities due to their diet and lack of oral care. If left untreated, this will spread to the other teeth and may cause a bigger damage.

Importance of Proper Dental Care

In many instances, these misconceptions contribute to the poor dental conditions that eventually lead to cavities. As dental experts always remind, to keep the teeth healthy, it is important to observe proper dental habits and maintain the regular visits to the dentist.

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