What Is Dental Phobia? How to Overcome It

  • What Is Dental Phobia? How to Overcome It

A phobia is a persistent (sometimes irrational) fear about someone or something. Dental phobias, as the name suggests, is a fear of the dentist or visiting one. Dental phobia can originate from past negative experiences, embarrassment, needless worry about potential pain, etc. However, like many phobias, it can be treated. It is important that a person overcomes dental phobia before serious problems develop due to neglect of their teeth and gums.

What Is Dental Phobia? How to Overcome It

Here are some ways to overcome dental phobia:

Identify the origin

First, determine where the phobia may be coming from. Perhaps you had a bad experience with a dentist when you were a child. Maybe you associate going to the dentist with pain. Phobias are caused by anxiety, so figuring out the reason for this specific anxiety can help you overcome it. Once you realize the cause, the more you can control the fear by coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t apply to you anymore. The dentist with whom you had bad experiences with is not going to be your dentist any more. Pain can be avoided through sedation and other approaches.

Get treatment

Anxiety and panic disorders are real issues that need help from a counsellor or physician. If your dental phobia completely prohibits you from getting oral health care; it’s time to get appropriate help from a caring mental health professional.

Find a dentist that can help

Most dentists are familiar with dental phobia and know how to accommodate patients with this phobia. Do some research and ask others who had similar fears for recommendations. Remember that dentists want to help and provide a positive experience in a calm environment. Do not be afraid to explain your situation when you make a dental appointment.

What Is Dental Phobia? How to Overcome It

It is important to have a trusting relationship with your dentist. Neglecting oral health can lead to serious problems that affect overall health. Don’t let dental fear get in the way of your care. If you are seeking dental services in London Ontario, Canada, Cosmo Dental Centre knows how to help with dental phobia. Contact us at (519) 659-2767

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