Health Canada reported that 6.4% of Canadians have no teeth. It may seem insignificant, but living with no teeth can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life, self-image, and overall health. Fortunately, all hope is not lost.  

Dentures function as a brand new set of removable teeth once the natural teeth have been lost. They come in all sizes and shapes depending on the patient preference and facial profile. Dentures come in different forms for different needs, including full, partial, and implant dentures, and it’s crucial you get the right ones. That’s what Cosmo Dental Centre is here for. Every patient’s needs differ, but we’re ready to help you find the correct type of dentures for you.


Quality and Affordable Dentures in London, Ontario

Teeth do more than help your smile look nice; they also play a major role in proper eating and speech. Our quality dentures take the place of your missing teeth and help you eat and speak as you used to.

Cosmo Dental Centre is dedicated to offering patients dentures that fit comfortably and improve your quality of life. When you’ve suffered tooth loss, we’re here to help you regain your smile and restore your confidence.

Our experienced dentists work in our office in London, Ontario to provide for all our patients’ denture needs. Our dentists provide denture consultations to our patients. Services offered include: partial and complete dentures and denture reline. Immediate dentures are also available for those patients who don’t want to be a day without a smile.

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How to Take Care of Dentures?

Your dentist or denture specialist will provide you instructions on how to properly take care of your dentures, so be sure to follow their instructions or don’t forget to ask them questions before you leave the clinic.

Here Are Some General Tips:

  • Take your time and be gentle to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Never put too much pressure on your dentures.
  • Take tiny bites and use caution when brushing your teeth.
  • Clean your dentures a daily basis.
  • Consult a denture health professional on a regular basis.

Be it full or partial dentures, it’s important you follow them up with good denture care. Our team at Cosmo Dental Centre also provides education to give you the knowledge you need to look after your dentures properly. With the right care, your dentures can last for years, giving you greater comfort and enhancing your quality of life. Good denture care is also key to preserving your teeth and gums. Your dentures are a big help at supporting the surrounding tissues and boosting your overall oral health.


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If you’re ready to improve smile and teeth function and you think that a dental implant procedure in London best suits your needs, we’re here to help you. The Cosmo Dental Centre team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We will work hard to give you a pleasant and successful implant experience.

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