The Harmful Effects of Smoking to Our Oral Health

The very reason why lots of people like smoking is that it relieves stress and calms them down when they are faced with strenuous events or circumstances. Some like smoking as a way of socializing. There is a lot of readily available information and counseling that says smoking is not good. In fact, the World Health Organization says that cigarette smoking causes negative effects to human health. Many people continue to smoke anyway.

One of the major negative aspects of smoking is oral health problems. Cigarette contains over 4,000 chemical compounds that are created when lighting cigarettes. Out of the 4,000 chemicals, 69 are known to cause cancer and other oral health problems. Nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanides, carbon monoxide and ammonia can be found in cigarettes which can contribute to mouth sores and staining of the teeth which can also cause mouth and laryngeal cancer. Most smokers do not realize all of the possible negative effects that smoking can bring into their oral health. This is usually because of the absence of some manifestations.

The Harmful Effects of Smoking to Our Oral HealthProlonged use of cigarettes can often cause various gum diseases as well as tooth loss and tooth erosion. Smoking largely contributes to gum problems because it changes how the bacteria in a person’s mouth manifest itself in relation to dental plaque. Therefore, it increases the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Daily cigarette smoking can also lead to decreased blood flow in one’s mouth. This decreases the blood supply to the gums, often times resulting to necrosis or death of tissues in the gums. This also causes teeth to become loose because the gums and bones are unable to support the teeth. A lot of smokers get various oral cancers because of prolonged smoking. There are several dental products that aim to help smokers, but these do not address all of the various serious dental problems that arise as a result of smoking. One of these remedies is special toothpastes that claim to regain the white color of the teeth and also remove bad breath. Some products are mouthwashes that claim to strengthen the gums. For serious dental issues such as smoking, the best solution is to visit a dentist.

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