Keep Your Gums Healthy and They Will Preserve Your Teeth

Preventive Care Vs Tooth Loss

Keep Your Gums Healthy and They Will Preserve Your Teeth

Gingivitis and periodontitis may sound like one-name-fits-all, but they are two different diseases with two roads leading away from healthy, shiny natural teeth.

We are taught from childhood that we must brush our teeth twice daily (morning and night) plus floss after meals or at least once per day. What we were not taught, however, is exactly why.

We Make Our Own Tissue Destruction

• Plaque and the Heart – Blocked Arteries
Plaque is a sticky substance made by our bodies that destroys healthy tissue. When it builds up in our heart and arteries, the hampered blood flow can result in a stroke or heart disease. Medicine or surgery intervention is then required.

• Plaque in the Mouth – Gingivitis
Plaque also forms in our mouths. If it is not disturbed, removed, or prevented by brushing, flossing and antiseptic mouthwash, the plaque settles on teeth at the gum line and begins destruction of the tissues. First, the tissue forming the gum line surrounding the teeth becomes inflamed. The tissues will appear swollen and red. If left unchecked without dental treatment, the inflammation worsens. Then the gums start to bleed. Eventually surgical intervention is required to remove the plaque and the diseased tissue. This can be a spreading inflammation that originally may afflict a small number of teeth but ends up affecting all the teeth. In other words, you can end up with a serious case of gingivitis.

Different Plaque, Same Intervention

dental tooth extraction

Just as arterial plaque requires surgical intervention, so does the plaque inflaming your gum line and tooth junction. Gum treatments can be demanding on the body and cannot be guaranteed to succeed 100% of the time. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the case of Gingivitis. Best to prevent gingivitis with regular dental visits, good daily personal brushing routine using powered electric toothbrushes and water irrigation, daily flossing, and good nutrition. The pattern gingivitis takes is to erode the attachment of the gum away from the tooth. The lack of supporting gum forms an actual trench between the tooth and the unsupported gum. This trench or pocket holds even more plaque in it and leads to a cycle of destruction that takes you to the next stage of gum disease: periodontitis.

Periodontitis Disease

Keep Your Gums Healthy and They Will Preserve Your Teeth

Without extremely conscientious home care and regular dental intervention, gingivitis inflammation, the oral diseased, develops into an even more destructive disease that damages gum tissue and bone. This periodontitis disease, has to be treated with periodontal surgery. Gum surgery for periodontitis is more extensive than for gingivitis. Treatment for gingivitis can be performed without lasting visual change to your gums. Periodontal surgery removes more tissue deep into the pockets that have formed around the base of teeth, leaving the base and root of each infected tooth visible. Good news is that new treatments available to re-attach the gum to cover the exposed roots. If periodontitis is left unchecked, eventually tooth loss occurs. One side effect of this tooth loss is the loss of the alternate companion tooth in the opposite jaw plus neighboring teeth – in other words, gaps in between the teeth.

Teeth Were Meant to Last Forever

Keep Your Gums Healthy and They Will Preserve Your Teeth

Your teeth and gums were meant to last your lifetime. Everyone needs help in their preventive hygiene. Dentists and Hygienists at Cosmo Dental Centre are here to help. Our entire staff is dedicated to saving your teeth. This is what we do. Our dental hygiene department can help you with your fight against gingivitis and periodontitis. Contact us today about booking an initial exam today.

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