The Impact of Diabetes on Dental Health

It has been well-recognized that diabetes can have an impact on numerous medical conditions including those considered as very serious, such as heart-related diseases and major kidney problems. One other area that diabetes may have a huge impact on is in dental health. These oral problems associated with diabetes may not be life-threatening, but they can be very bothersome and distressing to those affected.

The Impact of Diabetes on Dental Health

Impact on Dental Health

Due to the problems with blood sugar in diabetics, these patients may now have higher risk of encountering dental problems as well. This is due to the impairment of the white blood cells, which could have provided protection against bacterial infections.

The dental risks faced by a diabetic may include the following:

Dry Mouth

People suffering from diabetes usually complain of dry mouth, which is due to the decreased flow of saliva associated in diabetes. Saliva is very useful in dental care since it fights the acid found in the mouth and which stimulate growth of bacteria. In addition, a dry mouth can lead to ulcers, infections, and soreness in the mouth.

Gum Diseases

Diabetics may have to face increased risks of getting gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. This occurs since the body’s ability to fight infections is greatly decreased by the thickening of the blood vessels, a complication linked to diabetes. This is in addition to the impairment of the white blood cells. With these factors, there is now less nutrients to fight these harmful microorganisms. It is very important for diabetics to closely monitor the conditions of their gums.

Slow Healing Process of Tissues

Similar to other conditions, healing after a dental procedure by a diabetic may also be very slow.Diabetes has always been associated with the poor healing of wounds. This slow healing may bring about great discomfort to the patients as well as extending the risk of complications. That is why coordination between your diabetes and dental doctors would be highly recommended especially when a dental procedure is scheduled. Steps may be taken to improve the blood sugar level of the patient.

Fungal Infections in the Mouth and Tongue

Due to the frequency of antibiotics taken by a diabetic to fight against numerous bacterial infections, there is now an increased risk of getting fungal infection in the mouth or tongue. These organisms thrive on high levels of sugar which is the case of patients with uncontrollable diabetes.

Brushing teeth

Dental Health Very Vital for the Diabetic

Very clearly, a diabetic should exercise good dental practices in order to minimize his or her ordeals caused by diabetes. Following the basic dental care such as brushing and following a proper diet would be of great help. Regular visit to a dentist is a must for those diagnosed with diabetes. Your dentist can determine any problems and may be able to offer valuable suggestions.

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