Improving Your Appearance with Cosmetic Dentistry

With today’s advances in dental technology, not only can you have that healthy teeth and gums, but you can also improve your appearance with the different procedures available for cosmetic dentistry. There are now various methods of fixing or enhancing your teeth to allow you to have that beautiful smile. Among the dental procedures that may be used for this purpose are the following:

Dental Bonding

Those who may have teeth that are cracked or chipped may now be able to regain the complete shape of their teeth through a procedure called dental bonding. This is done by applying a resin to the affected tooth and bonding through the use of a special light source. This resin will have the same color with the existing teeth. This material may also be used for tooth fillings and in reshaping damaged teeth.


To improve the appearance of the teeth, veneers may be used to cover the surfaces of the teeth. These are thin shells that are designed to match the teeth of the patient. These are then bonded to the original tooth on a permanent basis. Aside from changing the tooth’s color, veneers may also be applied to changes the size of the tooth, to reshape it, and even to increase its length.

Gum Reshaping

The condition of the gum can have a great effect on the appearance of the teeth especially with gum lines that are irregular. In some people, their teeth may be too short that it affects the overall appearance. For both these conditions, gum reshaping may be the solution. Shorter teeth may appear longer when parts of the gum are removed. Gum lines may be aligned to enhance the appearance.


To repair teeth that are not properly aligned, braces may be the solution. These can be applied in both children and adults. Braces work by putting pressure on the affected teeth in order to reset the alignment of the teeth. Due to the pressure and length of time braces are in place, braces have become a very effective tool in addressing teeth alignment issues. There are different types of braces that may be used, which will be discussed by your doctor before application.

Other Procedures

Aside from those mentioned above, there are other procedures or tools that a dentist may utilize to enhance your appearance. These may include application of gum grafts, enamel shaping, implants, and dental crowns. And of course the old reliable methods of tooth whitening, use of composite fillings, and dentures will always be there to allow you to have that beautiful smile.

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