What to Know about Wisdom Teeth “Eruption”

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Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as the “third molar,” is the last set of permanent teeth that erupts from our gums. There are many misconceptions regarding the growth of wisdom teeth. Here is a list of common wisdom teeth misconceptions:

Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed Immediately

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While some people have their wisdom teeth removed; it is not always necessary. There are many reasons why wisdom teeth are extracted from the gums. The most common reasons for having wisdom teeth removed include pain from eruption, crowding, decay, and infection. However, some people have no issues with their wisdom teeth. If the teeth are healthy and grow into a proper position, there should be no problem.

Everyone Has Wisdom Teeth

Not everyone grows wisdom teeth. Some wisdom teeth simply never surface from the gums. Some people may grow one or two; some grow one in each of the four quadrants of the mouth. Having no wisdom teeth is completely normal unless your dentist indicates otherwise.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Dangerous

Removal of wisdom teeth is no longer as fearful as it once may have been. In the hands of a qualified, caring dentist, it is a safe procedure. It is possible to encounter some complications but generally the experience is trouble-free.

Recovery Can Take Months

Recovery time actually depends on the individual. Some people heal quickly. It’s important to follow your dentist’s post-procedure directions to ensure a full and quick recovery from the extraction.

Dentists Can Predict When Wisdom Teeth Will Erupt

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This is not true, unfortunately. Despite how convenient it would be for both the dentist and patient, there is no proper way to predict when wisdom teeth will surface.

Wisdom teeth require attention when they cause difficulty. For a reliable dentist in London, Ontario, call Cosmo Dental Centre. We provide wisdom teeth extraction and different levels sedation to alleviate pain and discomfort. Contact us through (519) 659-2767.

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