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It would be very difficult to get through your daily life without any teeth. Because of this, tooth loss can be devastating and can have a very negative effect on your overall oral health. Not to mention, when your smile is damaged, so is your self esteem. Many people feel very self conscious when their smile is not at its best. There are a number of oral surgery procedures including procedures such as dental implants, that can help fix a smile and make it look beautiful again.


Oral surgery can be done in order to make the mouth more functional. When a tooth is missing or damaged, it can cause the jaw and the muscles around the mouth to work improperly. Over time this can cause pain and misalignment. To prevent this kind of problem from developing, having this kind of problem fixed early on is the best option.


If a tooth is chipped, cracked or damaged, dental surgery can fix it without having to remove the tooth and without requiring an implant as a replacement. It is always preferable to keep your own tooth in place whenever possible. Dental surgeons work with the patient, whenever possible, to save the patient’s own teeth.

Oral Health

Oral surgery can be done proactively to prevent any future issues from occurring or it can be done to treat conditions such as infection, impaction, etc. Your oral health really ties into your overall body health and your dentist can often suspect a number of health issues just by looking at your dental and oral health. This includes diabetes, high blood pressure and more.
Many revolutionary oral surgery procedures have become very common in practice. A reputable and trusted dental surgeon can help you with any oral issues or conditions, be they be cosmetic or functional, that may be interfering with your daily life. Make the commitment to take the appropriate steps to protect your smile and keep it lovely for many more years to come. Contact Cosmo Dental Centre for more information.

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