Getting the Most Out of a Dental Visit

Getting the Most Out of a Dental Visit

A regular dental checkup is vital to maintaining good oral health. When the dentist performs a thorough examination s/he can determine potential problems, including:   – Tooth decay – Early signs of cavities -Gum disease -Oral cancer symptoms -Incorrect positioning of the teeth -Inflamed or bleeding gums -Signs of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder After identifying any dental problem(s), your dentist […]

Truths about Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Keeping your child’s primary teeth in good condition is crucial. Good oral care should start as early as birth. Although they are temporary, baby (or “milk”) teeth serve important functions (chewing food properly, speaking, and as placeholders for adult teeth) and can be prone to cavities. Baby bottle tooth decay refers to tooth caries in infants and toddlers. Depending on […]

Teaching Good Oral Health Care to Children

Unless they’re encouraged, children often fail to care for their teeth and gums. Parents often have to remind children to brush, floss, and rinse. Kids may forget these simple tasks because they’re young and get distracted, or they find it to be a “chore.” However, there are many ways to encourage better oral health care in children. By making these […]

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