Thumb Sucking and Permanent Damage to Children’s Teeth

Thumb sucking is often viewed as a natural habit for children. Sucking on fingers, thumbs, pacifiers or any other objects can, in early months of a baby’s life, make a child feel happy and secure. It can help a child learn more about their world. Children also suck to soothe themselves and/or to fall asleep. However, if this behaviour continues, […]

Seasonal Allergies? They Can Affect Your Oral Health, Too

Spring is fun. We go outside to play, enjoy the sunshine, and forget the bitter winter. However, some of us suffer from allergens that come with pollinating trees and other flora. Allergies don’t just affect our sinuses; they can also damage our oral health. Here are some symptoms and how you can address them: Ways That Allergies Could Affect Your […]

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