Selecting Sedation for Dental Procedures

Used to help put a patient at ease, sedation comes in various forms. It all depends on the treatment needed and the patient’s needs. Below are some circumstances when sedation may be advised by a skilled dentist. Mildly Fearful Patients Anyone who is slightly fearful of oral procedures and treatment might opt for conscious sedation. Light Sedation: A patient who […]

Why Fixing a Crossbite Isn’t a Cosmetic Treatment

When your dentist suggests braces for your child, you might wonder if it’s really necessary. You may ask, “Is having a less than perfect smile an emergency?” Although braces may seem primarily cosmetic, they help correct major dental issues that can cause other health problems. Gum disease (periodontal disease) can allow infection to enter the bloodstream and affect the heart. […]

Dental Injuries and Treatment

Dental injuries can occur anytime and anywhere. Whether playing a high impact sport, having an accident or fall, or any other circumstance, dental injuries are sometimes unavoidable. There are common types of traumatic dental injuries. When injury occurs, call your dentist immediately for emergency treatment. Chipped/Cracked Tooth A chipped tooth can occur from abrupt force to the mouth. This can […]

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