Why Children Get Cavities before the Age of Five

Unfortunately, many parents neglect oral health for their young children. A common misperception is that if baby teeth are infected, these teeth will eventually fall out and the problem will fix itself. Cavities can be painful, and if left untreated, tooth decay may cause further complications. Decay can turn into infection, difficulty chewing, and possibly affect the future health of […]

Habits That Harm the Health of Your Teeth

We all have habits; some of them are good, some of them might be harmful. Sometimes we exhibit these habits when we’re nervous, or when we’re happy. It might be surprising to learn that some “nervous ticks” or routines have a negative impact on our oral health. Certain habits can immediately damage teeth, but some wear down enamel over a […]

Top Three Benefits of Using a Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

Even for children as young as six years old, parents can consider using a pre-orthodontic “trainer” to set up good myofunctional habits for the teeth, tongue, and lips. These habits help your child have a good foundation for success with braces. Usually children wear the trainers for one hour each day and while sleeping. Many orthodontists have found structural benefits […]

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