3D Dental X-ray – The Future of Dentistry is Now on Hand

3D Dental X-ray – The Future of Dentistry is Now on Hand

Dental technology keeps on advancing and that is a good thing for our patients. It provides breakthroughs that makes it easier to examine, treat, and deal with conditions that ail us. One breakthrough technology that has given, both the dentists and the patient, an easier and more accurate way to deal with dental […]

The Harmful Effects of Smoking to Our Oral Health

The very reason why lots of people like smoking is that it relieves stress and calms them down when they are faced with strenuous events or circumstances. Some like smoking as a way of socializing. There is a lot of readily available information and counseling that says smoking is not good. […]

Dealing with Halitosis

Halitosis, or bad breath, can be a huge problem. It is embarrassing and can impact your social life immensely. No wonder, so many products line the shelves in stores offering a solution for it. Here are some measures you can take to avoid having bad breath. Drink plenty of water […]

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