3D Dental X-Rays in London, Ontario

  • 3d Dental Xrays

3D Dental X-rays are available at Cosmo Dental Centre.

Compared to the conventional dental film, dental films from 3D Dental X-rays are way better. We have softwares that can digitally improve these images. Through this innovation, we are able to visualize the root canals more clearly.

Digital dental radiography has a very low exposure level. With this, our dental staff and clients are safe from radiation exposure.

Aside from its safety, it is also environment-friendly. It does not utilize chemicals, especially silver halide to enhance the image on the film. It is simpler, quicker and provides a more precise image. It allows our dentists to not only zoom, but also rotates the view.

With the use of the 3D X-ray, our dentists can have the most detailed data for a more precise diagnosis, and they can also provide a more exact treatment to our clients. We ensure that our clients are going to feel at ease and safe during the entire procedure.

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