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As a family dental clinic, we provide dental services to all people of all ages. First and foremost, our focus is on preventive oral services in order to stop or postpone various dental diseases. Beyond that, we offer a wide range of dental and oral treatments. If there is need, we will make a referral.

Our services are designed for the very best dental health for our patients. These include from ordinary services such as dental cleanings, fillings, and dentures to sophisticated services such as dental crowns, dental implants, orthodontics, and root canals treatments. We have a very robust esthetic program as well which includes home and office tooth whitening, bonding, white fillings and porcelain veneers.

Normally, the patient’s first appointment is booked for an examination in order to determine the kind of treatment that is required. However, if there is an emergency or urgency due to time constraints by the patient, we will use this time to diagnose your dental problem and provide emergency or urgent treatment. So, our aim is to get rid you of pain, address an urgent concern and teach you how to maintain your oral health.

Dental Crowns and bridges in London Ontario Services

Our dental crown and bridge services include replacing missing teeth and rebuilding or reshaping broken teeth with a new natural looking teeth.

Many of us know that dental crowns are very important because they improve the appearance of broken teeth, and because they can strengthen your teeth. When it comes to treating teeth with dental crowns, Cosmo Dental Centre includes services that can build a good foundation on your tooth as well. This is because the foundation for the crown has to be engineered properly in order to ensure success and longevity of the crown treatment.

Dental crowns will definitely strengthen your teeth that are weakened by cavities. Teeth with large fillings or root canal treatment are brittle because of damage to blood supply or nerve innervations within the tooth. This makes them more prone to fractures. Hence, the need for these teeth to be covered with crowns. For the same reason, old and worn out crowns should be replaced with new crowns. Patients like the new crowns because they look like natural teeth. This is possible because of recent improvements in porcelain and ceramic crown technology. Now it is possible to give you crowns that give you a smile that appears good as new.
So, if you have any of these dental concerns or problems, make an appointment with Cosmo Dental Centre, and see what we have to offer.


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