Dental Implants

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Dental Implant Services in London, Ontario

Dental Implants are the “gold standard” for replacing a lost or a missing tooth.  Dental Implants consist of an artificial root, placed in the bone where the natural tooth is missing, and a crown that is placed on top of the artificial root.

The crown can be installed right away, or sometimes it is placed after a healing period.  In the latter case, a temporary tooth is placed for interim function and aesthetics. Implants have the longest prognosis and our team of Dentists have years of experience building and maintaining implants.

You may be a candidate for “Transitional Mini Implants.” If you are a suitable candidate for these implants, get ready to experience a small wonder!  You can expect:

1. A fraction of the cost of traditional dental implants.

2. Simplified one-appointment dental implant placement.

3. Immediate use of the dental implants.

4. Minimal discomfort due to the nature of “micro” surgery.

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