Effectively Use the Pain Scale When Visiting the Dentist


Patient-scared-afraid-of-dental-procedure-optModern dentistry has come a long way and dental procedures are not the fearful experiences they may have once been for some patients. Spend a few moments learning how to properly communicate pain with your dentist using a technique called “The Pain Scale:”

The Basics

The Pain Scale is a method of effectively communicating your pain levels to the dentist, when you cannot express your feelings with words. Typically, adults are asked to rate their pain on a scale of one to ten with one representing minimal pain and ten representing the worst pain ever felt. Then, if they feel discomfort, they use their hands to show the level of pain. Children are often presented with an array of faces ranging from smiling to sobbing and asked to point to the one that shows how they feel.

Effectively Use the Pain Scale When Visiting the Dentist

How to Properly Rate Pain

Before your next appointment, take some time to reflect upon past times you experienced pain. Consider how you felt during the personal “ten,” your most painful experience. Then consider some mid-range experiences and assign them values. This will help you devise a personalized pain scale for use during your next dental procedure.

With a good dental team, chances are you won’t experience pain or discomfort at all. It’s important to share your fears with the doctor so they can prepare you for any dental work you have scheduled, and make it a pleasant experience.

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