Top Three Benefits of Using a Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

Top Three Benefits of Using a Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

Even for children as young as six years old, parents can consider using a pre-orthodontic “trainer” to set up good myofunctional habits for the teeth, tongue, and lips. These habits help your child have a good foundation for success with braces. Usually children wear the trainers for one hour each day and while sleeping. Many orthodontists have found structural benefits for kids who use pre-orthodontic trainers. Children with incorrect tooth alignment also benefit from training lip and tongue movement.

Correct Emerging Alignments

When young children lose baby teeth and start to grow adult (“permanent”) teeth, orthodontists have an opportunity to improve the alignment of the new, erupting teeth. A pre-orthodontic trainer is quickly and easily fitted into the child’s mouth. Its standardized tooth channels and labial bows will guide the new teeth into a proper position from the beginning. This will help set the teeth up for success even if the child requires additional orthodontic work later.

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Tongue “Posture”

Tongue placement or “posture” is not consciously controlled, but it plays a huge role in dental hygiene and our breathing habits. Dentists agree that the best place for the tongue is behind the upper teeth (on the soft palate). Otherwise, it can gradually push the lower teeth out of alignment and cause breathing problems (especially while sleeping). Not every child has this placement. The tongue tag is regarded as a major benefit of the pre-orthodontic trainer, because it subtly guides the tongue into the proper resting position until it learns to go there automatically.

Steadying Hyperactive Muscles

A third benefit to the pre-orthodontic trainer is that overactive lip muscles are trained to have proper form and movement. Children with this tendency often get surgery as adults to correct lips that hang down too low or rise up too far when they smile. The trainer has a lip guard to hold lips in place, discouraging excessive motion.

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