Five Reasons Why a Dental Crown Becomes Necessary

Five Reasons Why a Dental Crown Becomes Necessary

Have you experienced talking while having a broken front tooth or a decayed one? If you have, then you must have recalled how self-conscious you were and how you had to cover your mouth while talking or simply refrained from making conversations for fear of being embarrassed. Instances like these make one realize the need for having a secure and esthetic tooth restoration. Dental crowns are the state of the art for tooth replacement. Here are five reasons why a dental crown may be the treatment of choice to restore a tooth:

To cover a large filling

There are numerous instances in which a tooth filling covers a large portion of the tooth. In some of these cases, the remaining tooth can be very weak and at risk of fracturing. To eliminate possible breakage of the remaining portion of the weakened tooth, a dental crown may have to be placed over the tooth. In other cases, a filling may cover the corner or cusp of a tooth. Over a longer term, this type of filling is exposed to increased risk of cracks due to stress or impact while eating or from a grinding habit. To preserve the filling and eventually the tooth, a dental crown is strongly recommended.

To protect a root canal

A tooth with a diseased nerve requires a root canal treatment. Such a tooth becomes more brittle due to loss of nutrient rich blood supply to the tooth. This diminished strength may lead to fracturing of the tooth and render the whole root canal procedural useless. Also, a root canal procedure may weaken and expose the remaining tooth to risks of damage because the tooth has to be hollowed from the top in order to perform the root canal treatment. However, this risk is much lower with modern bonding procedures. Never the less, to prevent this from happening, a dental crown is fitted over the tooth after the root canal treatment is complete.

To protect a fractured tooth

Aside from its unsightly appearance, a broken or fractured tooth can be cause of much pain. This happens because chewing stress on the fracture line causes an unbearable pain. With a dental crown, the remaining tooth is reinforced. The stress then is distributed over the entire tooth with the impact to the tooth being hugely diminished. After the tooth is prepared for a crown, a temporary dental crown is placed. This is a good test for making sure that the pain will be managed. Otherwise, further procedures such as a root canal may have to be performed before a crown is placed.

To enhance appearance of teeth

Due to the wear and tear or any other circumstances, a tooth may have an undesirable appearance in its color, shape, or other unpleasant conditions. To many, this is very important since the teeth become very evident when talking or simply smiling. Dental crowns address this problem because with dental crowns we can make the affected tooth look like the rest of the remaining teeth or we can enhance the appearance of the teeth. With new innovations in dental and oral care, crowns have become very effective in greatly enhancing the overall appearance of a person.

To fill up gaps between teeth

Gaps between teeth may occur because either the teeth are too small or they have been worn down with time. For minimizing the risk of damaging nearby teeth and gums or just to improve the appearance, a dental crown may be needed to fill in the space. Your dentist can recommend the type of dental crown which will be appropriate for the situation.

Need for Experienced and Qualified Dentists
It may appear that placement of a dental crown can be a very simple procedure. On the contrary, this is a very technique sensitive procedure. A dental crown that is not fitted properly may cause one great discomfort or it may cause damage to the other teeth. For these reasons, check with your family, friends, and other sources for a dentist recommendation. You should get your dental crown from a dentist that is experienced and known for quality of work.




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