When to Have a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment Cosmo DentalThe advances in dental technology have made the root canal treatment an effective and desirable method in saving a damaged tooth. This has allowed many patients to retain the natural tooth instead of having it extracted.

A root canal procedure may be defined as a form of dental treatment intended to repair and save a tooth that has been badly infected or decayed. During the procedure, the dead or dying nerve tissues and bacteria that are inside the tooth are removed then sealed after the dentist makes sure that the inside of the tooth is clean.

The following are indications that a root canal treatment may be necessary:

Severe Toothache

The most common indication that a root canal procedure may be necessary is a toothache that can be very severe and specific. The affected tooth will be very sensitive to heat and cold and this continues even after the stimulus has been removed. The toothache may occur at any time even when the tooth has not been exposed to any substance. After a while, this pain may even progress to a headache that may be characterized as a generalized and not only limited to the area where the damaged tooth is located.

Abscessed Tooth

A root canal becomes necessary when the tooth becomes abscessed. This usually occurs when the pulp of the tooth dies and pus starts to form at the end of the root of the tooth. If left untreated, the abscess continues to grow and may infect the bone found near the root of the tooth and will infect other bones and tissues eventually.

Deep Cavity

A deep cavity may result if the tooth decay extends very deep into the affected and reaches the pulp. This will cause the pulp to be infected with bacteria. Inflammation may result or the tissues around it become decayed. There might be no pain present but the damage inside the tooth continues until it becomes very severe.

Trauma to a Tooth

In some instances, a root canal becomes necessary after a tooth experiences some kind of trauma. This may be due to an accident or any other incident that may exert great force on a tooth that will affect the nerves. The nerve may become severed at the end of the root and may die which may require a root canal to remove the dead nerves.

Fracture on a Tooth

A fracture on a tooth that extends deep inside the tooth that it reaches the pulp may have to undergo a root canal treatment in order to retain the integrity of the tooth. This procedure may have to be done in order to attach a post or any other device designed to restore the function and strength of the affected tooth.

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