Seasonal Allergies? They Can Affect Your Oral Health, Too

Spring is fun. We go outside to play, enjoy the sunshine, and forget the bitter winter. However, some of us suffer from allergens that come with pollinating trees and other flora. Allergies don’t just affect our sinuses; they can also damage our oral health. Here are some symptoms and how you can address them:

Ways That Allergies Could Affect Your Oral Health


  • Dry Mouth and Bacteria — When allergies flare, you might get a stuffy nose, and start breathing through your mouth (especially while sleeping). While doing this provides some relief, your mouth begins to get dry. The lack of saliva creates a dry mouth and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which can cause bad breath, gum disease, and cavities.
  • Toothaches — When subjected to dust or pollen, pressure builds up in the maxillary sinuses located above the mouth. The pressure causes sensitivity in the upper molars. Antihistamines can ease the pressure, but in severe cases, the pain can should be remedied by a dentist.
  • Sore Throat — When you inhale dust, a common cold can result in an itchy throat. The soreness and constant need to clear your throat leads to additional dryness and irritation that eventually contributes to bad breath.



You can tame allergies with antihistamines. When it comes to oral health, the best prevention is to practice good dental hygiene:

  • Regular Tooth Brushing — It might not prevent bad breath entirely, but it keeps harmful bacteria away.
  • Gargling — Gargling some warm, salty water relieves your throat and reduces harmful bacteria. It also helps rid you from some bad breath. Also, keep hydrated with water and warm drinks like herbal tea (to keep both your mouth and body happy). For those with high blood pressure, skip the salt. Just warm water is fine.
  • Talk To Your Dentist — If you have allergies bothering your teeth or gums, a dentist can help. Allergies may seem only seasonal, but there could be underlying health conditions that need attention.

Seasonal Allergies? They Can Affect Your Oral Health, Too

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