Should You Give Your Infant or Toddler Additional Fluoride?


Helping your children care for their teeth is an important for overall health. However, fluoride should not be administered two infants or very young toddlers. Fluoride is recommended for children over the age of three (3).

Advantages of Fluoride

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When used in the correct amounts, fluoride protects teeth from bacteria buildup and substances that can cause tooth decay. Many countries put fluoride in their water supply. In areas where children do not receive fluoride from water, some countries’ dentists have recommended giving children low doses of fluoride through supplements. However, in Canada, children should drink breast milk or formula until they’re over the age of one or two, and use tooth gel without fluoride (or, for infants, a washcloth with water) to clean teeth until the age of three.

Disadvantages of Fluoride

Fluoride has also been known to cause fluorosis in young children, leading to health problems down the road. Overexposure to fluoride can cause bone disease, brain disorders, or unhealthy weight loss. Ask your dentist how to best clean your children’s teeth.

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