Tips to Ease your Children into Being OK with Braces

Tips to Ease your Children into Being OK with BracesThe earlier a child’s alignment issues are fixed, the better it is for their long term orthodontic treatment success. Majority of the children welcome orthodontic treatment and love the idea of fixing or enhancing their smile. However, some parents will know firsthand that that is not always the case. Some children find it difficult to accept braces. And it’s no surprise why. These kids worry that there will be pain, teasing, changes to their diet, or even the idea that braces will be permanent. Here’s how you can ease them into accepting braces.

Celebrate Before the Big Day

Children will have to make sacrifices when having braces. For starters, they’ll have to give up or at the very least limit their consumption of sweets and crunchy treats such as potato chips and more. So put yourself in their shoes and throw one last hurrah before the braces go on. Celebrate by throwing a party with all of your child’s favorite foods and snacks that will temporarily be absent from the pantry and fridge.

And, be sure to promise to throw another similar party when the braces come off, just so your child has something to look forward to.

Set a Timeline

A few months can seem like a lifetime to most children, so emphasize when the braces come off by setting a timeline that your child can use as a reference. And remember, always point out that what the point of all this is: a better smile.

Tips to Ease your Children into Being OK with BracesMake it Fun

While your child is going through braces you might as well make it fun while it lasts. New advancements in orthodontic treatments and materials have made braces significantly less obtrusive.

Help your child explore his or her options by looking at different available colors, styles and designs. Make them part of the decision so they don’t feel like it’s being forced on them.

Turn to Celebs

Teasing is something that they might experience for having braces. Reinforce a positive attitude by pointing out that many celebrities wore braces to get their superstar smiles that they have today. Some of them even got braces as adults and they have no qualms about wearing braces as adults!

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