Some Ingredients in Toothpaste May Actually Harm Your Teeth

Are The Ingredients In Your Toothpaste Actually Damaging Your Teeth?

Some Ingredients in Toothpaste May Actually Harm Your Teeth

Your toothpaste should be helping you maintain a bright and cavity-free smile. Yet some research and experts show that some of the common ingredients found in many toothpastes could actually be detrimental to the wellbeing your teeth if they are not used in proper concentration or if they are not used correctly.

Too much or coarse abrasives found in toothpaste can grind away teeth and lead to the loss of enamel. The most common abrasive found in toothpastes is hydrated silica, which is also used as a moisture absorber in new clothing and footwear.

Abrasives such as hydrated silica are added to help break apart plaque and other debris that can get stuck to your teeth. A mild abrasive can help you remove plaque and sticky substances on the teeth that can cause tooth decay with minimal damage to your teeth. Strong abrasives should be avoided at all costs. They will not only break apart the bad stuff in your mouth such as plaque, but your teeth as well!

Understanding the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RTA) of the Toothpaste You Use and How It Will Impact Your Teeth

Some Ingredients in Toothpaste May Actually Harm Your Teeth

Relative dentin abrasivity, or RDA, is a measure of how abrasive a toothpaste is. The level of abrasiveness is strongly dependent on the shape and size of the abrasive materials added to the toothpaste. Higher RDA in toothpastes is linked to greater wear of the teeth and more gum recession.

Some whitening toothpastes are extremely abrasive and sadly also can be ineffective at actually whitening teeth especially if your teeth are stained below surface layer. In that case, you should avoid whitening toothpastes to protect your teeth from the harsh abrasives found in these kind of toothpastes. If you want to whiten your teeth, visit your local dental office for a professional and gentle whitening that will be much more effective than what the ordinary whitening toothpaste can deliver.

Similarly, many toothpastes for sensitive teeth are on the higher end of abrasivity. Look for toothpastes that have low RDA. Use discretion when using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and whitening toothpastes. If not sure, check with your dental office professionals.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Can Be Bad For You As Well

Some Ingredients in Toothpaste May Actually Harm Your Teeth

Sodium lauryl sulfate is another common ingredient that is found in almost every toothpaste. It creates the foaming texture that many people associate with toothpaste. It is also responsible for the foaming action of many soaps and shampoos. Despite the myth that the foam cleans the teeth, it is the mechanical action of the brush that cleans your teeth of particles, and not the foam. Due to adverse health effects it is best avoided

Professional Dental Advice and Care Will Help You Retain a Healthy Smile for Life


If you are using any toothpaste other than what your dentist or hygienist has recommended, you should mention that at your next dental visit. Your dentist or hygienist can recommend an ideal toothpaste with a low relative dentin abrasivity and/or one that is free from sodium lauryl sulfate. In any case, don’t let these concerns stop you from brushing your teeth. Instead, do get informed by making an appointment at Cosmo Dental Centre, where you will find a staff of dentists and hygienists that can help you select a proper toothpaste, perform professional cleanings and whiten your teeth. Give them a call at (519) 659-2767 to set up a consultation or an appointment at this London, Ontario dental office.

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