Top Reasons as to Why You Need Dental Implants

Top Reasons as to Why You Need Dental Implants

dental implant cosmo dental centreDental implants are great replacements for your missing teeth. They give the same support and function that is naturally given by the original teeth. Yet, a lot of people in this time and age are not fully aware of the many benefits that can be received from dental implant treatment.

Even if you do not have missing teeth now, it is good to familiarize yourself with this advanced type of tooth replacement procedure – should you or someone you know, ever has the misfortune of losing a tooth and then require a tooth replacement.

1)      Dental implants provide support to other types of artificial dental prostheses such as the crowns, bridges, and dentures.

2)      Dental implants maintain bone.   As in most cases, the implants are made high grade titanium, and are shaped to be like a tooth root. This post like root is implanted into your bone (reverse of tooth extraction). When it is in place, bone growth starts occurring around the implant.  Once the dental implant is strong enough to withstand a specified force, dentures, bridges and/or crowns can then be placed on top of the artificial root.  In most people, the jaw bone shrinks once the tooth is gone.  Dental implant, like the natural tooth, helps maintain the bone by preventing bone loss.

3)      Dental implants provide function.  With the implants in place, chewing solid foods will be as close and as comforting to chew as using your original set of teeth. Always remember that once a tooth is gone, it leaves an empty gap between your teeth, and it significantly affects how you chew your food. Fortunately, with dental implants, you can restore this function and comfort.

4)      The presence of the implants boosts your confidence especially when talking  and smiling in public.  It is a fact that once a tooth is lost, it creates changes in your speech and in the way you project your face. Replacing the lost tooth using a dental implant crowns or bridges improves not only the bone structure of your mouth, but it also improves how you talk and how you smile.

5)      Dental implants help maintain other teeth. When a tooth is lost an open space is created in the arch. The teeth behind the open space will move forward and the teeth on the opposing arch will grow longer to fill the empty space.  This is called arch collapse and will cause many other problems especially if the patient cannot wear bridges or dentures to fill in the missing teeth.

6)     Dental implants support the Tempromandibular joint (TMJ).  When teeth are missing, extra pressure is placed on the jaw joint, and can lead to clicking, popping, and perhaps pain in the joint.    Muscles can also become sore.  Dental implants are great for joint and/or muscle health.

Now that you know the basics of why you need consider replacement of lost teeth with dental implants, consult with an implant dentist next time you are in for a dental check up to know more about the procedure and how to proceed with treatment if you finally wish to do so.

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