Your Best Options and Treatments for Sensitive Teeth


Anyone you ask will tell you that sensitive teeth can be very inconvenient, and that tooth sensitivity is quite painful to experience. There are many precautions that a person can take to help alleviate the pain and agony associated with tooth sensitivity. Some of these remedies involve making little changes here and there, while others are more invasive and call for a dentist’s help.

Here are some options that may help you resolve your issues with teeth sensitivity:

Avoid Consuming Sugary Foods and Drinks:


Teeth that hurt when you eat something sugary and rich give a whole new meaning to the term sweet tooth. A person will often get a sharp pain when eating chocolate or sweets. The best way to not have this type of tooth pain is to avoid sweets and sugary beverages all together. Realistically, good oral hygiene and regular dental check ups are a way to go. You and your dentist can team up and treat sensitive teeth before they becomes a big problem.

Avoid Exposing Your Teeth To Hot/Cold Temperatures:

Dodge Dental Distress; Enjoy Cold Cones Again

Before the advent of refrigerators, eating cold foods was a rarity. Cooking of foods is also a recent human undertaking, So, it stands to reason our teeth were not designed for extreme thermal changes. Hot and cold temperatures are a major trigger of localized pain from teeth sensitivity if your teeth are not in optimal condition. . If you want to omit the pain entirely, then it is best that you stick to foods and beverages of moderate temperatures. Try to avoid extremely hot or extremely cold foods and drinks.

Use Special Toothpastes and Brushes:

Brushing teeth

Since tooth sensitivity is so common these days, many manufacturers of oral hygiene products have produced and developed special toothpastes, mouth washes, and other formulations to help rebuild the surface of the tooth where there are exposed senstive nerves.. Additionally, these special products also have unique ingredients that can calm the nerves and make the teeth less sensive.

Consult With A Dentist:

Sometimes, no matter what you try to avoid or do to alleviate the pain, you can find no real relief or resolve from tooth sensitivity. This is a circumstance where you will need to consult with a reputable dentist to see what type of immediate and/or long-term solution is available for you. In some cases a surgical solution may be the answer.

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A Dentist Can Help You!

Having sensitive teeth can cause one to have intense pain when drinking or eating something cold or hot. This can happen even when employing oral hygiene care and when chewing food. Mechanical irritation of the sensitive tooth surfaces can be a major contributing factor to the overall pain or discomfort. In summary, it is noteworthy that tooth sensitivity is mostly caused by factors such as cavities, broken and chipped teeth, worn down and exposed tooth surfaces, grinding and clenching, eating acidic foods, plus other causes less frequently..

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