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Top Dental Veneers in London, ON

Cosmo Dental Centre offers comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment options to help you achieve the perfect smile for your money. So if you’re looking for high-quality (but affordable) veneers, you can count on us.

We understand your dental health goals. Our team of dedicated dental health professionals has a sterling track record in providing quality smile makeovers and customer satisfaction. We have a wide selection of dental services and one of our passions is creating healthy and beautiful smiles using individually crafted veneers.

Enhance Your Smile

Dental veneers are ideal for patients who want to improve their smile with straighter and radiant teeth.

Our team has a high degree of technical skills and attention to detail required to place teeth veneers. After the teeth are prepared, we strategically place veneers to improve the appearance of each tooth and give you an incredibly brilliant smile hiding damaged, discoloured, or irregularly-shaped teeth. The veneer shells also add support to weaker teeth and provide slight correction to bite patterns and crooked teeth without braces or other orthodontic dental treatments.

Teeth veneers are an increasingly popular dental treatment option due to their simplicity and versatility. Our dental veneer services help you achieve a bright Hollywood smile that you can confidently share with the world.

To keep them in top condition, make sure to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and checkup. Taking care of your veneers is much easier and more cost-effective than paying the price of veneer replacements.

What Kinds of Problems Can Dental Veneers Help With?

Veneers are frequently used for:

  • Fixing teeth discolouration
  • Fixing worn down teeth
  • Correcting misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shape teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth

What Material Is Used for Veneers?

Veneer shells are typically made of porcelain. However, there are a few different types of veneers to choose from, including:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Composite or Resin Veneers
  • Ceramic Veneers

Your Trusted Dental Veneer Provider in London, Ontario

Dental veneers may be a great affordable alternative to teeth whitening treatment, crowns, and even braces, but like other cosmetic dental procedures, they are not right for everyone.

To find out if dental veneers are the right dental solution for a smile makeover, make sure to book a personalized consultation with one of our highly skilled cosmetic dentists at Cosmo Dental Centre. As with any dental treatment procedure, your oral health needs to be assessed by a qualified dentist.

Book a one-on-one consultation with our licensed dental health professional today. You don’t need to worry about how much dental veneers cost in Ontario, Canada, give Cosmo Dental Centre a call at (519) 659-2767 and learn more about our flexible payment plan.

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