When Is Teeth Whitening Bad for You?

Society has conditioned us to believe that having a set of bright, shiny, white teeth is a desirable characteristic to have—anything else, not so much. And it’s not exactly a random trait to desire. Having white teeth is often a sign of excellent oral health, and it’s quickly become a highly desirable factor in personal beauty.

When Is Teeth Whitening Bad for You?

However, it’s also common to see many people take whitening far too seriously, often to their own detriment. As with anything else in life, too much teeth whitening does more harm than good. Below are some scenarios that clearly show you’re putting your health at risk with your desire to have too much of whiter teeth.

You Get Teeth Whitening Treatments without a Dentist’s Consultation

Safe and proper teeth whitening can only be done with the assistance and advice of your dentist. There are non-dental people offering “teeth whitening” services for very little cost, but always remember that before any whitening procedure, you need to get your teeth checked for problems like cavities and sensitivity. Failing to do so may result in the whitening causing you more harm.

For example, dental bleaching, a common dental whitening solution, can be a health hazard when performed on patients with cavities, as the chemicals can make their way into the nerves.

You Overuse Mouth Rinses

When Is Teeth Whitening Bad for You?

Mouth rinses are great, but they’re not a substitute for brushing your teeth. Relying solely on mouth rinses won’t thoroughly remove the plaque and tartar on your teeth—something brushing does more effectively.

Moreover, overusing mouth rinses exposes the insides of your mouth to high levels of dehydrating alcohol, which can lead to the development of sores and other problems.

There’s no Such Thing as “Too White” for you

Having white teeth is great, but there’s also such a thing as having teeth that are too white. Teeth that are too white just look unnatural. Healthy teeth nave a nice sheen to them, but this can be removed with extreme tooth-whitening procedures, resulting in teeth that look chalky and dull. A rule of thumb is to compare the appearance of the teeth to pearls and the color of your teeth to the whites of your eyes –anything else and your teeth begin to look artificial.

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