Why Do I Need Regular Dental Checkups?

Why Do I Need Regular Dental Checkups?

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Your dentist plays a major role in maintaining your overall health, in addition to caring for your teeth and gums. Scheduling regular dental care appointments and cleanings can help keep your teeth and gums in good condition. However, there is more to a dental exam than just plaque and tartar removal and visual inspection of your smile. Here are eight strong reasons why seeing your dentist at least twice a year isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity.

    1. Cleaning your teeth – Even the most diligent and thorough brushing and flossing can miss spots. Any plaque you don’t remove through brushing will build up and hardens into tartar, which can only be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist. Tartar erodes teeth and can cause cavities; and once a cavity has set in, only your dental health professional can repair it. Cavities rarely give warning signs as they form. You’ll often only be aware of them after they have grown, become visible, and/or cause pain. Regular cleanings can prevent cavities outright, identify problems in the early stages, and ultimately save your smile.

xrrays provide better picture

    1. Taking X-rays – After doing a visual inspection of your teeth, your dentist may also want to take dental X-rays. They will give your oral health care team a complete picture of what’s going on inside your mouth under the surface, and help them find underlying problems that might not be identified during a visual inspection. For instance, the full extent of an impacted tooth, or bone damage to your jaw, might not be fully evident to the naked eye. Ask your dentist if they offer 3D dental X-rays, which provide a more precise image of your teeth, and are a simpler, and quicker, process than conventional X-rays.
    2. Preventing gum disease – If plaque and tartar buildup remains unchecked, it can affect gum tissue and cause infection. An infected gum line can create swelling, bleeding, sensitivity due to exposed tooth roots, and ultimately tooth loss. Your dentist can catch signs of gum disease in the early stages, and help you avoid extensive damage down the road. Regular checkups will prevent potential infections and prevent gum disease.

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    1. Whitening your teeth – Drinking strong, dark liquids (like coffee, tea, or red wine) can stain and discolour the teeth; as can bad habits like smoking. Even the aging process can darken your teeth, as your enamel thins or your dentin darkens over time. Your dentist can pair a regularly-scheduled cleaning with a teeth-whitening service to brighten your smile. Having this done by a professional often gives better results than using over-the-counter methods. A professional team has the training and tools to maximize the benefit to your teeth.

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    1. Cosmetic alterations – Dental checkups can identify aesthetic issues with your smile, like crooked teeth or gaps between teeth. With your dentist’s help, you can catch these issues and create a personalized strategy to correct them. During later visits you can get the treatments you need, like dental veneers for damage, or braces and Invisalign (to reduce gaps or straighten teeth). Continue with your regular appointments, even after you have created a treatment plan. This lets the dentist monitor issues as they develop, and adjust the plan to your individual needs.

your dentist will help your teeth

    1. Education – Brushing and flossing are key to oral health, and dentists will give you advice to improve your technique. Bad habits, like biting nails, chewing ice, overbrushing, and clenching or grinding your teeth can cause damage. During your checkup, your dental care team can look for signs of damage caused by bad habits. If they find any, they can give you advice on how to alter your lifestyle and prevent more damage. If you have kids, your dentist can work with you to teach them strong dental habits from an early age to help them have a lifetime of health.

Improving your overall health

      1. – Aside from promoting better oral health, regular dental visits can help

improve your overall health

      1. . Regular cleanings can help lower the risk of diseases like heart disease and stroke. In addition, your dentist can help you catch some health concerns before you might even be aware of them. For instance, as swollen lymph nodes do not always cause pain, your dentist’s trained eyes may identify this health concern that needs immediate attention long before you feel any discomfort. Another serious health concern that your dentist is trained to identify is oral cancer. Preliminary symptoms are (again) very easy for the untrained eye to miss, but your dentist knows how to recognize the early signs and help you get treatment. Recognizing the disease early is a key to a successful treatment.

regular dental checkups

  1. Saving you money – Regular dental checkups are a wise way to avoid painful problems that may become costly. Checkups are all about identifying serious concerns before they become bigger issues in the future (like cavities, impacted teeth, or gum disease). Just having your teeth cleaned can help keep you healthy and happy. Regular six-month checkups six months are a necessary part of life and a way of protecting your overall health.

Regular dental care appointments are part and parcel of maintaining your oral health. They are a chance for your dentist to inspect your teeth and give you advice to help you keep them clean. Visit your dental care provider often to protect your body and stay healthy. Frequent checkups are a good way to head off any complications before they have time to become serious.

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