Xerostomia is Nothing to Salivate at

Xerostomia also known as dry mouth, is a dryness in the mouth associated with a change in saliva flow and consistency. It is a common side effect of several types of medication. It is more common in older people (because of the higher number of seniors who are taking such medications and because of age related decreased function of saliva glands) and in people who breathe through their mouths. Also, dehydration and radiotherapy involving the salivary glands, can cause this condition. It is also common for there to be no easily identifiable cause, which may lead to a psychogenic reason for the condition.

Xerostomia is Nothing to Salivate at

There are several different symptoms one might notice from xerostomia:

1) Tooth decay and root surface caries.
2) Dry mouth at night.
3) Erosion which eats away at the tooth and roots structure.
4) Redness of oral tissues. This can be due to yeast infection caused by a loss of the antimicrobial actions of saliva.
5) Swollen saliva glands. This can be due to infection in the saliva glands
6) Altered sensation involving burning or tingling sensation in the mouth
7) Saliva that appears thick.
8) Lack of lubrication. This leads to difficulty when swallowing and chewing when eating dry foods. Food and
utensils stick to the tissues. Need to sip down drinks when talking or eating.
9) Change to speech pattern.
10) Increased difficulty in wearing dentures.
11) Mouth soreness and inflammation..
12) Dry, sore, and cracked lips.

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